Laurence Peckham is a Senior Marketing Consultant with almost 30 years’ experience in the marketing business. Over this time, he has worked with 1000’s of small to medium sized “local” business in over 18 different countries.

His leading principle. “It doesn’t matter whether a shoe shop is in Manchester, Mumbai or Melbourne, if I can find a way to help them sell more shoes… we have a WIN WIN situation!


My focus on relationships has determined my personal style. Many of the business people I have worked with have become great friends, I never let that friendship alter our business relationship but its great to have a business partner who is also a mate.

I joined Inspire Marketing because it has a diverse, dynamic and motivated team which are very rare qualities and produce results for our clients.

At the time I got into Marketing, one of my first clients was a business called ‘Phil Turnbull Motorcycles’. During the 5 years’ I worked with Phil he moved premises 3 times, each time the show room got bigger and bigger. One day he said to me “Do not get a big head mate, but I have to say a lot of my success is down to you and here’s another thing, based on the fees I have been paying you, I think I bought you your house!”

My early career really defined me. The first thing I learnt whilst working in the Media industry which is critical in the marketing process is that there are 3 things a business must identify. ‘Who am I trying to reach? What do I want them to do and Why should they do it? Then realise another 3 critical factors. The Creative (The Message), the audience and the frequency. In another words, ‘What I say to whom I say it and how often’. Get one of these things wrong and your advertising will not work!

My hero is another one of my first clients, Ralf Bare, the owner of a small men’s clothing shop called ‘GQ Clothing’. This man was the best salesman I have ever met, but more than that, he took customer service and the customer experience to a completely different level. That leads me to my final point... 

If I could give a single piece of advice to a business owner it would be:

"Customer Service is like making love to a gorilla, you don’t stop when you're satisfied, you stop when the gorilla is satisfied!"