In New Zealand with its deeply fragmented markets and Australia with its complex multi-culturalism, John’s ability to achieve outstanding results for SMEs and National clients is as legendary as his shelves full of international awards. He is a radio writer, producer, jingleist, revenue generator, researcher and trainer who has consulted to broadcasting networks globally. He is reputedly the most awarded radio creative in the world.   

His 45-year broadcasting career has been a crusade to improve results for advertisers, too many of whom have been underwhelmed by their advertising ROI.

His ability to communicate to and impress audiences from SMEs to major Corporates has seen his career progress to addressing conferences around the world for host-clients such as The Royal Bank of Scotland, AMP Malaysia, Real and Smooth Radio UK, The Radio Network New Zealand, and Austereo worldwide.

He co-instigated the world’s largest research project into How and Why radio ads work, the ground-breaking results of which are revealed in his presentation, “The Science of Engagement”.

And he's never stopped writing ads and jingles!


My enthusiasm for fly-fishing isn’t matched by my results. That's annoying because results drive everything I do. I learned early in my radio career that listeners don’t hear boring or irrelevant content, whether in ads or programming. Since then, I've spent my career developing and refining techniques that deliver audiences and results for advertisers. I should spend as much time perfecting my cast.

The advice I have for media owners, executives and their employees is, "Results deliver revenue."

I find proof of this in my relationships with my clients. Over the years I've been fortunate to have worked with a huge number of brave, trusting and successful clients, large and small. Their faith in me and my advice has delivered results for them when others have failed.

I’d describe my personal style as, “Creative Quixote tilting at the windmills of banality”.

I learn an awful lot from Focus Groups. To produce results I trust consumer insights, common sense and the intuition that comes with 45 years of experience.

I don’t “follow” anyone on social media as such, but I read a lot of thinkers. I especially enjoy futurists; I love to hear what changes they predict for the world, technology and media, while people stay the same.

My wife is my hero, for her endless optimism.