Charlotte is exactly the type of person you want working on your digital projects.  She knows how to get things done, quickly!

During her digital marketing career, she has overseen countless digital projects, including website creations and implementation of many other digital marketing solutions for our clients.

As well as being exceptionally organised, with a creative mind, Charlotte’s unique traits are her natural empathy and optimism.  She brings a vibrancy to each digital project that she works on, which is critical for success.  Everyone Charlotte works with, is left looking forward to the next project with her!


What I love most about my job is seeing the completed project.  My favourite thing is to find out that my client has reaped the benefits of having a carefully thought out digital campaign. From the brand new interactive website to those new leads coming in through google searches. Hearing that the digital campaign I helped create for them makes me feel like I have made a positive difference to someone’s livelihood and business.

I am famous for my enthusiastic approach to projects and meticulous organization. I love the admin elements of Project Management.  Seeing a project delivered from start to finish motivates me.

I love to travel. I caught the bug when I was studying for an MSc in Politics, and it has never left me. I love being on the move and discovering new places, albeit for work or travel.

I’m a deadline girl.  I am a person who is driven and motivated by deadlines.  My career as a Project Manager has taught me that the best way to ensure a project runs smoothly, is to ensure all deadlines are met on time - deadlines get things done!   

I think outside the box.  If Plan A does not work well enough, let’s correct and resolve. 

I am one of the weird ones who enjoys administrative tasks.  My approach is to ensure everything is done on, or ahead of time, and with a smile.

I am an avid festivalgoer.  I have over 35 festivals under my belt, and I’m keen to keep this number growing!  I have seen every artist on my wish list and love camping under the stars.  Most of my passion for festivals is to discover new talent – knowing I was one of the first people to see that band before they hit the big time!  So, if you don’t see me working, you may find me in a muddy field dancing to the next big band!

I could never live without my music.  I never leave home without it.  A wise man once said, “Music reminds us never to take ourselves too seriously.”  I think this is crucial to remember in both business and personal life.  (That wise man was David Bowie.)

I am a keen kickboxer, and apparently, I’m pretty good at it!