Two golden words for selling

As I mentioned the other week, I’ve always believed in the power of mentors – having someone who’s already trod the path that you want to go down is a very smart way to shortcut success.

Last week I mentioned one of my oldest mentors; this week I want to refer to one of my newest – the inimitable Nigel Botterill.

Botty’s a bona fide UK business superstar, with bags of sales and marketing experience.  Last year, he introduced me to a very clever approach, that can be used by local businesses with great effect.

At some point during your early sales conversation with a customer, the question of budget will come up, and generally speaking, most prospects will answer the question of, “What’s your budget?”, with one singular figure.

It’ll be something like £10,000, £20,000, or £50,000.

But what Nigel explained, is that by adding just two words to this exchange, you can quickly identify a higher amount that someone is prepared to spend.

All you’ve got to say is, “Up to…?”

Here’s how it works:

“Can I ask if you’ve decided on a budget for your new kitchen, please?”

“We’re looking at about £25,000.”

“Up to…?”

“Oh, definitely no more than £30,000.”

“Ok, so we need to find a solution for you in the range of £25 – 30,000?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Simple, but very effective, and allows you to ensure you’re extracting as much as you can from each customer. To do an even better job for them, of course.

I’ve tried it, and I can tell you it works. Others who I’ve shared it with since have had the same experience.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.