Retailers flocking here

When it comes to marketing a business, the current perceived wisdom is that digital media is where you should put the majority of your spend.

And not just digital media; targeted digital media.

The best example is Facebook.

Retailers have flocked to Facebook in their droves, thanks to the promise of super-specific targeting.

Now, in theory, there’s nothing wrong with targeting.

It’s true that the more accurately you can tailor your message to your prospect, the higher the chances of it resonating with them, and targeting allows you to do that.

But here’s the problem that most retailers are facing with this approach:

They’re talking to fewer people, and it costs them more money.

You see targeting too narrowly can be very expensive, and by definition, it doesn’t give you the coverage that traditional mass media does.

This new targeting trend has resulted in ‘traditional media’, like print and radio, being regarded as rather old hat – but nothing could be further from the truth.

The reality is that if you’re selling, then not having mass media in your marketing mix is a mistake.

 Yes, explore targeting and see whether you can reach your target market on various platforms, but never forget that your target market is:

  1. Reading lifestyle magazines

  2. Listening to the radio in their cars

Sure, lots of people who aren’t your target market are consuming these media too, but with the right message, you can attract the people you want and repel the people you don’t.

We call it ‘choose who to lose’ – pick a broader market that will definitely include the people you want to work with and use your ad copy and brand to appeal to the people you want as customers. You’ll also make an impact with the ‘influencers’ around them too.

Long story short: narrow targeting can be expensive, and you can get the same result (often a better one) with mass media.