5 minutes to fresh enquiries

Before I go any further, I want you to banish all thoughts of what a successful sales and marketing message should look like.

Because what I’ve got to share with you goes completely against the grain of what most people think marketing is – we call it the ‘Re-activation Email’. 

Quite frankly, it wouldn’t be too harsh to consider it the runt of the marketing litter.  It’s a bit of an ugly little bugger, but it sure does get results.

The Re-activation Email doesn’t rely on clever and complicated copy, eye-catching imagery, or a deadline.

Instead, it relies on the fact that when you get an email from an actual human, asking you a question, you’re WAY more likely to engage with it, than if you get an email from a great big faceless marketing machine.

So, without further ado, here’s an example of the email:                                                           


And that’s it.  Not exactly rocket science is it?  But the fact of the matter is that if you send it to the right people, it WORKS.

Who should I send it to?

Grab yourself a list of prospects who you haven’t ever monetised, or a handful of customers who you haven’t spoken to for some time, and send them a one-liner, exactly like the one above.

If you don’t send it, you’ll never know; but to our knowledge, no sales consultant who has taken the plunge and sent one of these emails, has ever regretted it.

This email works.  And in reality, it’s not hard to see why.  It elicits curiosity, it engages, and it requires a response.  All in just a handful of words.

It might not be the most exciting ‘marketing technique’ that you’ve ever come across, but the fact of the matter is that it might well be one of your most successful.

Still not sure?  Try it and let me know how you get on.

P.S. - It’s really important that you resist the temptation to add anything else into your email.  As sales and marketing people, we often find it difficult to embrace the concept of ‘less is more’, but where this email is concerned, it’s VITAL that you don’t cloud the message with a whole load of clutter.