Brexit.  The word you’re sick of reading, the subject you’re sick of talking about.

But if you think this email is just going to be 300 words of bleating on about Britain’s exit from the European Union, think again.

Lots of retailers have concerns and worries about what will happen when the UK leaves the EU, and some of those concerns may be valid.

However, it certainly shouldn’t be all doom and gloom, and today, I just wanted to shine a light on a refreshingly positive news story I read recently on precisely this topic.

You see, according to Michael Rauterkus, the CEO of the German fittings giant Grohe, things are looking rosy for them in the UK, whatever happens with Brexit.

You may have seen the article, but here’s what the man himself had to say:

“Our potential in the UK is so big, Brexit is irrelevant.  We have enough market share to gain. We are doing OK, but there are huge opportunities to grow.”

In short, what Rauterkus is saying, is that all of the experience and intelligence that Grohe has at its disposal indicates that regardless of the Brexit outcome, the fittings market in the UK will still be a successful and lucrative one.

And they should know – they’re not exactly messing around, with sales of €1.35 billion each year!

Now, I’m not suggesting that things won’t be some challenges and difficulties as a result of Brexit. But, according to the CEO of one of the biggest fittings companies on the planet, there’ll still be plenty of opportunity.

There’ll still be buyers.  Still be people wanting to spend.  Still people following the trends and wanting something new.

The question is: when those people are looking, will they find you?

And if the answer right now is, ‘no’, ‘not sure’, or ‘hopefully’, then something needs to change.  Get in touch and let us know you’re keen to find out how we can help.

P.S. If you’d like to read the full article with Michael Rauterkus’ comments, just click HERE.