Over the years, I've spoken to A LOT of local business operators.
And a huge percentage of them suffer from the same problem.
I call it ‘Dabbleitis’ – the tendency to dabble in multiple forms of marketing, without ever really gaining traction with any of them.
Nodding guiltily?  You’re not alone.
You know how it goes – you can give it a go on Facebook, try some direct mail, take out a newspaper ad, dip your toe in the water with radio, buy the sign on your local roundabout, dabble with Twitter – the list of what you could do is as long as your arm.

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But here’s the problem: most local businesses can't afford to use all their different media options properly.  Try to do all of them, and you’ll do none of them well. 
That's because frequency trumps reach.  It’s better to reach 10,000 people 10 times, than 100,000 people once.
Your objective should be, to focus your message where the attention of much of your target market is.  Then with repetition, you need to try and dominate, or own that audience for your sector in your area.
And that’s why the Inspire Marketing mantra is simple: stick to two or three of the rightmarketing methods, focus on them and do them properly, and you’ll see results.
Jump around, from media to media, and from tactic to tactic, you will spread your budget too thin.  Not enough people will get to understand what makes you better, or different from the competition.  It's much harder to really stand out, and you’ll get nowhere fast.

Plus, you’ll look silly from all the jumping.☺️